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The Gates Cambridge Scholarship

UCI (Big 10 Pre-Application) Optional Advising Deadline:

April 8, 2019 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time (U.S. & all other countries of citizenship) for Fall 2020 admissions

Access the Big 10 Pre-Application between late February – early April annually to begin the optional advising process.

For Reference Only: 2019 Application Process Overview

SOP offers optional advising for this award. If you missed the SOP deadline, please apply directly to Cambridge.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships are available for graduate study or for study for a second Bachelor’s Degree as an affiliated student at the University of Cambridge. The purpose of the Gates Cambridge Scholars program, administered by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is to create a network of future leaders from around the world who will bring new vision and commitment to improving the life circumstances of citizens in their respective countries. It is anticipated that Gates Cambridge Scholars will become leaders in helping to address global problems related to health, equity, technology, and learning.

Who is Eligible
Applicants from every country of the world except the U.K. are eligible to apply. Begin the process during the spring before your final year on campus by submitting a Pre-Application. See SELECTION PROCEDURE section of page for more information. If you win the scholarship, you will travel shortly after having graduated. (Gates candidates must have earned a bachelor’s degree by the time of travel. However, you do NOT need to have earned a bachelor’s degree by the time you apply.) Current seniors or recent UCI alumni may also apply.

All applicants should:

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are awarded only to students who gain admission to the University through the University’s regular procedures. About 100 Gates Cambridge Scholarships will be granted every year, with about 50% of the awards going to students from the United States.

Please note that external scholarship agencies will consider all of your credit-bearing coursework from any college or institution as part of the review process (including CSU, community colleges, private colleges or other UC campuses/Extension programs, and including units earned while in high school). Grades from other colleges will be included in calculation of your overall GPA for eligibility purposes.

The scholarship does not stipulate a minimum GPA. However, recent winners have had exceptional academic achievement. Applicants should have at least a 3.7 GPA and must be able to demonstrate professional competence and dedication to the field of study through leadership or mentoring roles in academic or service organizations, publications or performances, and/or significant work experience/internships related to the major.

UCI graduate students: contact the Graduate Resource Center for advising.

Selection Procedure
The first step in applying is to complete a Pre-Application, accessible each year throughout March. In April and May, SOP staff review Pre-Applications and meet with students to discuss their candidacy and subsequent steps. For detailed information about each stage of the application process — including the roles of campus endorsement and evaluation — please view the Application Process Overview.

After completing the Pre-App and meeting with SOP staff to discuss your candidacy, you will work on the formal application. Your supporting documents, including three faculty letters of recommendation will be due this summer.

The application includes a graduate application form, 3 letters of recommendation, the application cover and packing list, transcripts, degree certificates, research proposal and a curriculum vitae, and other relevant materials. Shortlisted applicants are invited to interview in Annapolis, Maryland; interviews are arranged in February.

Please note that the Gates is changing the application so that students should apply through their normal country of residence. (For example: If you are a Guatemalan national but go to school in the US, you would apply in the US round)

Who Wins
The Trust seeks outstanding students for whom study at Cambridge is appropriate. Students must illustrate their ability to make a significant contribution to their field of study through research or teaching or other creative means.

Gates finalists will be notified of their status by early February.

UCI has had three Gates Cambridge Scholarship winners: Mukul Kumar (2007), Cleo Tung (2010), and Leandra Jackson (2018).

89 students worldwide received the award for 2012.

Scholarships cover University and College fees, a maintenance allowance (£14,300 for 12 months at the 2015-16 rate) and one return economy airfare between the UK and your country of residence.

Candidates who win must secure an offer of admission from the Board of Graduate Studies.

Further information may be obtained from the British Council in Washington D.C.: (122) 333-8467.

World Wide Web
Further information and applications are available at the Gates Cambridge website.

Access the Big 10 Pre-Application between late February – early April annually to begin the application process.

SOP is able to advise competitive undergraduate candidates at UC Irvine only.