CHC Student Interns with Carnegie South Asia Program

A 3rd year Campuswide Honors student majoring in Psychology, Tara Kavasseri was selected to be in the Winter/Spring cohort of the Carnegie Diverse Internship Program. Even though she did not have an extensive background in international affairs, Tara had strong experiences in research that made her an ideal candidate. Her advice for students wishing to apply for a Carnegie Diverse Internship is to be authentic in the application: don’t be afraid of not possessing a certain language skill or field of knowledge, instead show off what experiences and skills you have.

Tara recommends that all students—especially Campuswide Honors students—apply for the Carnegie Diverse Internship because “it has broadened her worldview immensely.” Though her internship experience was remote due to the Covid-19 situation, Tara was able to learn a lot academically and professionally. Assigned to the South Asia program, she dived in to research from day one, investigating corrupt and criminal politicians in India: “I truly believe I gained the ability to do critical research.” Tara works alongside and learns from talented Carnegie research fellows who are at the top of their field, producing timely research that informs policy worldwide. She says that “learning from such passionate people working in diverse fields around the globe exposed me to issues and perspectives I never would have seen otherwise.”

The Carnegie Diverse Internship offers an amazing opportunity that develops students into researchers, professionals, and future global change makers. Apply today to be the next Carnegie Intern!

For more information on how to apply to the Carnegie Diverse Internship, click here

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