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Welcome to Scholarship Opportunities Program Advising!

In the Division of Undergraduate Education, the Scholarship Opportunities Program (SOP) advises top-performing undergraduates apply for nationally and internationally prestigious, merit-based scholarships and fellowships for study, research, and teaching, here in the U.S. and abroad.

SOP strives to empower each individual student who inquires about our services. With that goal in mind, we provide the following scenarios (click to expand) to guide you to the appropriate UCI campus resources that can assist you in finding what you are looking for.

Please make an appointment to speak with an Advisor at the Career Center in the Division of Career Pathways, to explore the various career options available to you, such as professional or graduate school.

Please explore the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships (OFAS) website to help fund your undergraduate education (and not study/research or teaching opportunities after you graduate and to find the undergraduate scholarship(s) that best matches your eligibility, interests, and pursuits while you are still an undergraduate.

Please visit the Study Abroad Center website, and make an appointment to speak with an advisor to discuss your options, including applying for one of the scholarships that supports undergraduates who study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program.

Please visit the Campuswide Honors Collegium website and make an appointment to speak with one of their advisors.

Please visit the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP),Volunteer Connection, the Career Center, Campus Organizations, or ASUCI (UCI's student government) to get more involved on campus or in the local community.

Please visit the Graduate Division Resource Center, which offers graduate students a wide range of support and advising services.

After utilizing the resources provided in the answers to the above questions, you will better understand whether you want to proceed to the next steps of the SOP prestigious scholarship application process, outlined below:

Personal Discovery Prep Course

SOP-PREP Enrollment Guidance

SOP-PREP is intended for UCI undergraduates with sophomore or higher standing and a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.0. Recent UCI graduates may also participate if you are still within four quarters from your graduation. This course is open-entry, open-exit, so you do not need permission to enroll or to withdraw. The course exists purely for you to advance your own interests and success. It does not provide any academic credit. The learning objectives for the course are described in greater detail below, according to the phases of a student's professional development and scholarship application journey.

SOP-PREP Enrollment Instructions:

To register as a new participant in SOP-PREP, please use one of the following two methods:
  1. This Canvas Instructure course has enabled open enrollment. Click here to self-enroll in the course.
  2. Alternatively, you can sign up at and use the following join code: AH3KMT.

N.B. SOP-PREP is intended to prepare students for supported external merit scholarship competitions. Regardless of your class standing or G.P.A., you are also advised to apply separately for merit and need-based scholarships from the UCI campus’ Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships via Scholarship Central.

Technical Note: SOP-PREP utilizes the Canvas Instructure system. Canvas Instructure is not integrated with UCI’s campus Canvas system or the UCInetID system, and requires you to create a separate login. If you have previously enrolled in an SOP advising course or another course in Canvas Instructure, including at other colleges or universities, please utilize your previous login credentials. If you have forgotten your username or password, go to Canvas Instructure and choose “Forgot Password.”

Waiver of SOP-PREP requirements:

Waivers of SOP-PREP requirements are granted only to undergraduates and recent alumni who have already completed all 3 of the following steps:

  1. applied for an SOP-supported scholarship under the guidance of an SOP Primary Advisor, 
  2. received written confirmation of campus endorsement (or nomination) of your application, and 
  3. submitted your finalized application through SOP to an external scholarship agency. 

If you would like to request a waiver, please email your previously assigned SOP Primary Advisor (Brendan, Courtney, or Rose). Your Primary Advisor will then inform you of your Pre-Application options for the Explorer’s 11 or Trailblazer’s 10 scholarship advising processes, as described under “Trailblazing,” below.

All other Prospective Scholarship Candidates, including those who have participated in, but not completed, a previous SOP scholarship advising process, must complete SOP-PREP prior to submission of Pre-Applications.

Initial Consultation with Student Advisor

Initial Consultation with Student Advisor

To meet with a Student Advisor who can answer initial questions about SOP-PREP, advising, scholarships, or other SOP services, please book a 30-minute consultation appointment here. Until further notice, all appointments will be held in-person, via Zoom, or by phone per students’ request.

If you have quick inquiries, please email

Note: Appointments are typically not offered during Welcome Week, Finals Week, or school breaks.

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