Aditi Mayer – Fulbright Recipient

Aditi Mayer is a 2019 UCI graduate who double majored in Literary Journalism and International Studies. Her career at UC Irvine included serving as a founding student council member and fellow for the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, studying abroad in Mexico, Italy, and Nepal, to starting InSight Magazine, a digital and print publication about poverty in Southern California. She also received multiple awards and scholarships for her journalistic work, including the South Asian Journalist Association, Barnes & Nobles, NPR, and the Asian American Journalist Association, where she served as a board member as Student Representative. Throughout her college career, she maintained her blog,, which explored the intersections of sustainability, and social justice within fashion. This blog became the basis of her career today, which spans journalism, thought leadership, and content creation within the sustainability sector. She is committed to using fashion as a vehicle to explore social and environmental justice for communities globally.



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February 28, 2020