Audrey Garcia – Fulbright Recipient

Audrey Alexis Garcia is a recent graduate of UC Irvine’s School of Humanities, and has completed a Bachelor’s Degrees in Comparative Literature and Philosophy with honors. She has conducted humanities projects for UCI’s Undergraduate Research Office, published her essay “Captain America: Disassembling Traditional Narratives” in the Johns Hopkins 2021 Macksey Journal, and received UCI’s Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. Audrey has volunteered extensively in her local school districts, interned for UCI’s Global Connect, and was a learning assistant for UCI’s French Department. She has published several poems for UCI’s Patience Journal. Audrey intends to continue her studies in an English doctoral program and conduct her research in literature, visual studies, and cultural studies. After the completion of her PhD, Audrey aims to become a professor of literature and teach classes focused on the interconnectivity of pop-culture imagery and ideas of nation and identity.

Scholarship:  Fulbright


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May 2, 2022