Eliza Partika – Fulbright Alternate

Eliza Partika is a fourth-year double major in Literary Journalism and Global Middle East Studies. She currently holds a position writing about student and faculty research at the Office of Strategic Communications & Public Affairs at UCI. She has travelled on experiential education trips to Israel and the Palestinian Territories with the Rose Project’s Fact Finders Learning Mission and the Olive Tree Initiative, where she heard personal experiences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from diplomats, journalists, and citizens on the ground. She is interested in examining and correcting the media’s misrepresentation of communities in conflict and publishing narratives that will reveal the realities of these communities. She is also interested in the politics behind transgenerational trauma, as well as the ability of art to heal generational trauma that comes from prolonged and intractable conflicts. Eliza is working towards a career as a foreign correspondent.



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February 17, 2020