Lucy Yang – Goldwater Recipient

Lucy Yang is a Goldwater Scholarship Recipient. Lucy is a Regents’ Scholar, double majoring in Chemistry and Biological Sciences, with a minor in Creative Writing. She serves as Secretary for the undergraduate chapter of the American Chemical Society; is a certified learning assistant for organic chemistry; and tutors for the Center for Excellence in Writing & Communication. Lucy is also founder and artist for TheKawaiiChemist, a shop where she uses art and cartoons to share her love of science. Her academic interests center around the understanding of biological systems through a chemical lens and origins of life biochemistry, including research projects on in-vitro selection of ATP-binding RNA molecules and the energetics and kinetics of prebiotic metabolites, specifically RNA ribozymes. Lucy aspires to obtain a Ph.D. in chemical biology and become a research professor to study RNA and its properties as a therapeutic and diagnostic tool.



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February 1, 2021