Madeleine Collins – Fulbright Recipient

Madeline Collins is a graduating senior with a major in Korean Literature. She has served as President of the UCI Chapter of Liberty in North Korea, an organization through which she has also tutored North Korean students in South Korea. She is currently a Corps Member of Jumpstart in Santa Ana, where she implements curricula in preschool and provides children an individualized learning experience. Madeline completed an honors thesis on problems of cultural assimilation for young North Koreans in South Korea. After completing her 2018-2019 Fulbright Fellowship at Yonsei University, where she will pursue a Master’s Degree in Korean Studies, Madeline plans to share the findings of her thesis at academic conferences in the U.S. before completing an internship at a U.S.-based non-profit serving refugee populations. She plans on eventually returning to Seoul with a non-profit to assist North Korean refugees in their assimilation to South Korea.



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February 16, 2018