Sarah Wang – Rhodes and Marshall, Endorsed Reapplicant

Sarah Wang transferred from Irvine Valley College to attend the School of Public Health for a Public Health Policy B.A. She is deeply invested in antibiotic stewardship, focusing on integrating antibiotic stewardship into the K-12 curriculum through educational policy reforms in the United States and lower-income countries. She earned the Regents Scholarship and the Chancellor’s Award of Distinction as a public servant leader. She is the Co-Founder and Co-President of the International Student One Health Alliance of UCI, Co-Founder, Alumnus President, and Advisor for the Effective Altruism Club, and previously served as Vice Chair of California Public Interest Research Group of UCI. Sarah hopes to earn a Master’s in Public Policy in the United Kingdom to conduct health policy in the World Health Organization.

Scholarship: Rhodes


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July 7, 2023